You can sponsor Maker Faire 2016!

Follow this link to view and download our 2016 Sponsor Package.  For more information contact Cara@kid-museum.org.  


In 2015, KID Museum hosted the largest Maker Faire in the DC region, attracting over 15,000 people for a fun-filled day highlighting the creative energy and maker spirit in our region. Last year more than 90 exhibitors, aged 9 to 92 came out to demonstrate their craft and inventions. Exhibitors ranged from “professional makers” from federal agencies such as NASA, NOAA, NIH, US Patent and Trademark Office Exhibitors to local high school robotics clubs and individual garage scientists and enthusiasts.

Notably, the event attracted a younger and more diverse audience than the typical Maker Faire. For most people, it was their first time attending a Maker Faire, and in the follow-up survey people reported that the number one reason for coming to the event was to expose their children to science, technology, engineering, and math concepts.

Maker Faire Silver Spring is a great way for your organization to connect with this family market and the Silver Spring community.

Maker Faire Silver Spring is being presented by KID Museum, a new children’s museum in Montgomery County, along with lead sponsor, Discovery Communications.