Young Makers

Call for Young Makers to Apply to Maker Faire Silver Spring 2016.

At Maker Faire Silver Spring, we are especially interested in showcasing Young Makers — and have spots reserved just for projects made by kids!

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We are seeking applications from Young Makers—aged 10-17 years and passionate about hands-on learning—to exhibit their projects through a demonstration, presentation, or workshop.  The best participants for the Silver Spring Maker Faire are mature young people and their adult mentors who are willing to explain, demonstrate, and share their project with others.

The mission of Maker Faire Silver Spring is to inspire, inform, connect and entertain Makers of all ages and backgrounds, by gathering technology enthusiasts, crafters, educators, tinkers, hobbyists, science clubs, students, authors and commercial exhibitors under one roof.

Young Makers, register below.  Make certain to save the “edit your response” link on the confirmation page in order to make changes to your application.

Young Makers who apply to participate must:

  • Have a project in the field of art, science, music, or engineering that is sturdy, safe, and able to withstand a considerable amount of handling by visitors.
  • Educate and engage the public on the process of “making” with:  (A) a demonstration, (B) a presentation, or (C) hands-on workshop. While some art or science fairs tend to keep projects behind glass, Maker Faire Silver Spring is a hands-on, minds-on event for all ages. Our exhibitors engage the public by showing what it means to really make something—teaching techniques, showcasing tools, and demonstrating both the perfect and not-so-perfect products of their labor.
  • Commit your time to setup, demonstrate, and cleanup your exhibit.
  • Presentations and musical performances on our stage can be 10 to 30 minutes long. We provide a projector, microphones, a table, and the ability to connect a laptop or other device with a VGA cable.  You are welcome to deliver a presentation in addition to running a booth demonstration.

Young Makers who apply must also have an adult manager responsible for the coordination and supervision of their participation up to and throughout Maker Faire Silver Spring.

The adult manager must be willing to:

  • Coordinate and manage the needs of the Young Maker(s) with the Young Maker Faire Coordinator as the main contact for the group, ensuring that projects are completed on time and meet the requirements necessary for exhibition.
  • Arrange transportation and attendance for the Faire and ensure shifts are filled by adults and children who can manage behavior during exhibition time.


All participation is free for interested Young Makers. If interested, please apply. If selected, all involved participants will receive:

  • A certificate of participation in Maker Faire Silver Spring, commending their talent, problem-solving, and willingness to communicate what it takes to be a Maker.
  • Special recognition during the Faire as a young maker.
  • A seriously fun and memorable experience!

We love having Young Makers demo their projects at the Faire—but we love it even more when they help teach other kids Maker skills! Hands-on activities and workshops are welcomed and highly encouraged with every application. Here are only a few of the topics we’re looking for:

  • Individual and Group Projects
  • Robotics
  • Music Performance and Participation
  • 3D Printers and CNC Mills
  • Textile Arts and Crafts
  • Home Energy Monitoring
  • Rockets and RC Toys
  • Sustainable, recycled and repurposed creations
  • Green Tech
  • Woodwork, ceramics
  • Radios, Vintage Computers and Game Systems
  • Electric and human-powered vehicles
  • Biology/Biotech and Chemistry Projects
  • Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and other microcontrollers
  • Unusual Tools or Machines
  • How to Fix Things or Take them Apart (Vacuums, Clocks, Washing Machines, etc.)

A sampling of our young maker exhibits from past years included:

  • Crystal Structures of Material Science and Engineering
  • Robot Tic Tac Toe and Lego and Tetrix Robot Creation by BCC High School Robotics
  • Multicopter Demonstrations, Custom AVR Chip Projects, and 3D Gumball Machine
  • RMed and Dangerous by Richard Montgomery’s FIRST Tech Challenge Team
  • Robotic Demos by the Young Kids Robotics Team
  • Card Tricks and Crafts
  • SERT: Art in Recycling by Richard Montgomery Student and Energy Conservation and Recycling Team
  • Arduino games: Whack-a-Mole and Tilt
  • Electric Go Kart